New Year Resolution Statements

New Year Resolution Statements

, by Lydia Grushevaia, 5 min reading time

The season of "I'll start after the Holidays" is officially open! We postpone our goals to the next year, promising ourselves to get in shape, read more, be more generous in charity, renovate, visit a country you've long dreamed of. If you've never done this before, recommends giving it a try; the "magic" of New Year's resolutions often really works. Here are a few ideas:

People often prefer to start something new after the New Year due to its symbolic significance. The transition to the new calendar year is associated with the opportunity for a fresh start and making positive changes. The tradition of New Year's resolutions provides motivation for setting new goals and self-improvement. Additionally, the period after the New Year is typically accompanied by vacations and leisure, facilitating reflection and planning for future achievements. Ultimately, the societal perception of the New Year as a time of renewal and opportunities creates a favorable atmosphere for initiating new endeavors.

  • Start Exercising: Perhaps the most popular resolution. For some, it's important to lose weight to feel more beautiful and confident, while others do it to lay the foundation for the future. In old age, you won't care as much about your weight, but achy joints will remind you of how you lived in your youth. You don't necessarily have to look towards heavy athletics; just 20-25 minutes of subtle daily workouts can help keep your spine and joints in good shape. The motivation to go further may arise from there.

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  • Read More Books: The third most popular resolution. Food for the mind is as important as food for the body. After a workday when the brain has been active, engaging in something that doesn't require involvement is desired to relax the mind. Hence, people who read less often find themselves making this resolution. We're all different; for some, reading is a way to relax, while for others, staring at small letters after spending 8-9 hours in front of a screen is a heavy burden. Analyze, do you really need it? After all, there's the format of audiobooks—you can listen to them while exercising, making the great works you need to read more accessible in a more suitable way.

  • Eat Right: This also leads to weight loss, but the goal lies much deeper. Many scientists have proven that what we eat affects our lives, appearance, and, of course, health. The healthiest method of eating is to maintain a balance of all micro and macro nutrients. And caloric balance is important; you feel bad when you overeat or undereat, so it's logical to stick to roughly the same number of calories per day (even on weekends). Protein-rich food helps muscles function properly, making you feel full of energy every day. Healthy eating is not about diets, fasting, or anything else—the key word is "health."


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  • Quit Harmful Habits: Alcohol, smoking, bitten nails, overeating, and many other harmful habits. Besides being detrimental to health, they are also actively frowned upon by society. Acceptance by society is almost important for every person; this is manifested at the level of ancient instincts—in ancient times, surviving in society was much easier than alone, and in modern culture, a person can survive without society, but the instinct remains. So, by getting rid of harmful habits, you not only extend your life but also reduce stress.

  • Save More Money: One of the most popular resolutions according to Google's search queries ranking. And it's absolutely logical. Saved money gives us a feeling of calmness that if unforeseen troubles happen, you have a reserve of resources that will give you the opportunity to recover. This feeling significantly reduces stress, and the less stress, the more happiness—all of us strive for this.

  • Engage in More Charity: Here it's quite simple; your ally is a subscription to help some organizations you consider important. Once a month (or whenever you want), money from your account will go to these organizations. This way, you'll know that you're helping the world and its inhabitants who have it harder than you. People who believe in karma know that everything is cyclical, and all good comes back in a greater measure.

Did you know that when you purchase bathroom products from Ekobo, a portion of the proceeds goes to support Clean the World? It would make an excellent resolution, in our opinion!

  • Live Life to the Fullest: Interpreted differently for everyone. For some, it's lively parties of a large company on a huge yacht, and for someone, it's a family trip to the mountains in a small house and weekends in peace. No matter what "Live life to the fullest" means for you, we wish you to feel like every day is special throughout the year and beyond.

There are many New Year's resolutions, and many of them may not come true, but that doesn't mean you can't dream on the eve of the holidays about how your life can get even better in the new year!


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