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Capsule collection by Lovestitch+Gogo Lush bundle

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  • Sale -$28.49 Smart Air S HEPA Air Purifier Smart Air S HEPA Air Purifier

    SMARTER HEPA Smart Air S HEPA Air Purifier

    Elevate the quality of the air within your home with the Smart Air S HEPA Air Purifier, designed for the bedroom, office and various other living spaces. Purify the air in a 21' x 21' room four times every hour, and efficiently covers 900 square feet every 30 minutes, establishing a breathable oasis that supports your well-being. Rapid Air-Purification: Offers quick and thorough air purification, refreshing the atmosphere in a 21' x 21' space four times hourly, and servicing 900 square feet in 30 minutes. High-Efficiency HEPA Filter: Integrates a top-tier HEPA filter, boasting 99.95% efficiency, effectively trapping airborne particles as small as 0.3 and 0.07 microns, safeguarding your environment against microscopic pollutants. Odor and VOC Elimination: The included carbon filter is a powerhouse against unpleasant odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), paint fumes, chemicals, and smoke, maintaining a fresh and clean-smelling ambiance in your living spaces. User-Friendly: Easy to install and operate, the Smart Air S HEPA Air Purifier integrates seamlessly into your home, offering cleaner air with the push of a button. Durable and Reliable: Built with high-quality materials and advanced technology, this air purifier is designed to last, providing reliable air purification for years to come.




    Our genuine, high-quality Sunflower Necklace is a unique statement piece that will make any outfit look more elegant. This elegant floral necklace is made of real stainless steel dipped in 18k gold and accented with cubic zirconia crystals. It’s hypoallergenic, water resistant and handcrafted in California.  ✔Hypoallergenic ✔Quality Guaranteed ✔Water Resistant ✔Handmade  MATERIAL: stainless steel dipped in real 18k gold COLOR: gold, cubic zirconia crystals  LENGTH: 18 inches


  • Sale -$22.90 furMe Professional PLUS Pet Grooming Vacuum Kit furMe Professional PLUS Pet Grooming Vacuum Kit

    furMe furMe Professional PLUS Pet Grooming Vacuum Kit

    Keep your dog or cat looking their best with the furMe™ Pet Grooming Kit. Tailor-made for pet owners who seek convenience and professional-grade grooming at home. Whether you have a long-haired cat or a short-haired dog, the furMe kit simplifies grooming, making it an enjoyable bonding activity rather than a chore, all while helping you keep your home clean. All-Encompassing Grooming Solution: The furMe kit contains everything from clippers to brushes to cleanup tools, providing a holistic grooming solution for your pet. AirClipper™️: The 6000SPM AirClipper not only trims efficiently but also vacuums hair simultaneously, ensuring a neat grooming session. Precision and Control: With stainless steel and adjustable ceramic blades, achieve precise cuts effortlessly, even through the thickest coats. Comfortable and Cool Operation: The clippers stay up to 75% cooler than conventional models, offering comfort for both the pet and the owner.  De-Shedding Mastery: The de-shedding tool penetrates through the top coat to remove loose hair and undercoat gently, minimizing shedding over time.  Gentle Brushing Experience: The grooming pin brush, ideal for medium to long-haired pets, captures loose hair and provides a gentle, enjoyable brushing experience. Efficient Cleanup Tools: The included cleaning brush and crevice nozzle ensure that post-grooming cleanup is hassle-free and thorough. Quiet Operation: The low noise and vibration levels of the furMe™️ system create a calm environment, keeping pets relaxed during grooming sessions. Economical Choice: Save significantly on professional grooming expenses and invest in hassle-free, joyous grooming sessions with your pet at home.


  • Sale -$3.30 organic natural balm essential care balm

    Fossete Paris Fossete - Essential Care Balm

    Our 4-in-1 essential balm satisfies all your beauty and care routines - face, eyes, body and hair. Moisturises, repairs and removes make-up, with a non-greasy and non-sticky powdery finish. - 100% Natural & Certified Cosmos Organic - Dermatologically-tested for sensitive skin and contact with the eyes. - Suitable for all skin types - sensitive, very dry, dry, normal or combination  - For the whole family 100% natural and organic formula is meticulously elaborated with organic French sunflower and camelina oils, calendula and shea butter, bringing softness, radiance, suppleness and comfort. The 100% natural and organic Fossette signature fragrance (without essential oils) is refreshing and comforting. HOW TO USE Adapt the amount and frequency to your specific skin or hair needs. -Warm a small amount between your hands-Gently pat and massage into the areas to be moisturized. Body Care:Apply daily for optimum hydration.For very dry areas (elbows, feet...), apply a thicker layer to provide soothing and repair.Face and eye makeup remover:Your make-up removal routine becomes a gentle, comfortable and nourishing treatment.-apply to lids with a light circular motion-Remove with a clean reusable cotton pad-Rinse with soap and water for double cleansing, or leave on excess for intense comfort Hair careApply a small amount́ on the tips to bring shine and brightness. For a more intense repair can be applied in mask. Storage Tip.Keep it at room temperature for best use. If the balm is a little cold, warm it between your hands. With its 100% natural composition, a fine crystallization is possible above the balm. Rest assured, the benefits of this balm remain preserved. Protecting the environment and offering safe, natural hair and skin care products are the pillars of Fossette.Our moisturising balm and makeup remover can be used at home or while traveling - without polluting the planet.Our 100% natural solid skin care products are formulated and produced in Grasse, France, by experts in their field. Every element and every step has been made with care and according to strict regulatory criteria.Zero Concession compositionThe formula is free of petrochemicals, microplastics and pollutants. A composition that preserves the land and the oceans.Infinitely recyclable packaging:100% aluminum box NT Wt 50gMade in France




    Cats and socks, and boom boxes, oh my! The world of French illustrator Jennifer Bouron makes everything feel dreamy. This season, it inspired our new illustrated kids dinner set that brings color, but also new vocabulary to our children's meal. Comes complete with a divided tray, cup, fork, and spoon and is packed with objects helps to develop their imagination through their appetite!   Note: Fork and spoon are adapted for 3 years +. They are not a toy nor a teether. Biting with extreme force can cause them to weaken. + LFBG/FDA Certified+ Free of BPA, PVC, Phthalate & Latex+ Dishwasher safe+ Not suitable for microwave or oven use+ Safe alternative to traditional plastic containersTo extend the life of our products, we've combined natural woody fibers with a 100% food-grade melamine binder.We’re perfectly imperfect! Our eco-composite is made with natural elements; therefore, slight color imperfections or inconsistencies may occur.


  • Sale -$13.50 eco-friendly lunch box bento eco-friendly lunch box cap beside


    This eco friendly stackable 40oz Store & Go Lunch set includes a bamboo fibre base, a leak-proof silicone lid, and two silicone food compartments. The inserts can go from refrigerator or freezer to microwave and oven!  Eat directly or transfer to the bamboo bowl and bon appétit! • Compact: The foldable luch set is made to save space in your kitchen or you bag! • Leak-proof: The silicone lids provide a secure and leak-proof seal, preventing spills and keeping your food fresh. • Stylish and Earthy Aesthetic: The natural look of bamboo fiber gives the lunch set a stylish and earthy aesthetic • Dishwasher Safe: The materials used in the lunch set are dishwasher safe, making clean-up a breeze. • Stain Resistant: Don't worry about the stain! Our materials are 100% stain proof and will last a long time By choosing eco friendly stackable lunch set made from bamboo fiber and silicone, you contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle by reducing reliance on single-use plastics and choosing materials that have a lower environmental impact. A perfect addition to every kitchen's aesthetics. Dimensions: Ø 6 x h 4.5 in   Capacity: 40oz Available in 25oz as well. Made in France. Exclusively on Buying.live


  • Sale -$12.98 Booby Tape - Take Me Away Set

    BOOBY TAPE Booby Tape - Take Me Away Set

    Our Take Me Away includes: 1 Firming Breast Lotion1 Pink Clay Breast Mask1 Miracle Pink Breast Scrub1 Makeup Bag TOTAL VALUE - $129.80NOW $116.82SAVE A TOTAL OF - $12.98


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