The Importance of Small Steps (Free Goal Checklist Inside!)

The Importance of Small Steps (Free Goal Checklist Inside!)

, by Lydia Grushevaia, 2 min reading time

The reason why we don't always achieve certain goals is that the goals themselves may be too ambitious. A task may seem incredibly simple, but in reality, it turns out that it's not so easy—lack of resources, knowledge, time, anything. In this article, you will learn about how to reach your goals through the magic of small steps.

For example, you want to develop a habit of taking hour-long walks every day. On the first day, you succeeded, on the second day, you succeeded, on the third, there was an urgent matter, and you had to cancel the walk. On the fourth day, you internally thought, "it can be canceled," and canceled again. That's how the habit didn't stick. When setting a big, complex goal, we stick to the rules as long as we have motivation and enthusiasm, but unfortunately, they quickly fade away. From the disappointment of failure, we don't want to repeat this experience in the future.

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What are these small steps? These are insignificant little goals that will help you develop a habit and then raise the bar of your goal. A good analogy is a car driving in complete darkness; its headlights do not illuminate the entire road at once, only a small piece—50-300 feet. Then, when you've passed it, the next piece will be illuminated, and so on.

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Don't set ambitious goals like "I won't eat meat for the whole year." Try first having one or two light days a week for a month. Once you've achieved this goal, you can mentally check it off, and the goal is closed. And since you've already achieved it, analyze how much you liked it, how much benefit it brought, and draw a conclusion—is it worth moving further along this path or not.

The highlight of this method is that you will stop reflecting on not doing enough; maybe you don't need it at all? Instead, you'll have more time to try new things, exactly what suits you. Any small goal is an exit from the comfort zone, but the difference is only in the degree. Imagine yourself as the person you want to become before actually becoming them.

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In the previous article, we wrote about New Year's resolutions, and now we suggest trying a gentle list of goals for 2024 with us. It is aimed at trying as many different useful things as possible and, by the end of the year, compiling your own list of what really suits you and setting slightly more ambitious goals.

Check that you are subscribed to our Instagram, write to us in DM "small goals," and we will send you a high-quality .pdf version

2024 goal checklist free guide

You can print and fill it out throughout the year! In a year, we'll meet in the comments under this post and share our impressions!


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