Why is everyone so obsessed with the ecology?

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In this article, we will discuss the importance of maintaining a healthy environment not only in the surrounding world but also within your home, which essentially constitutes your personal environment.

Some readers might be wondering as they read this article, questioning the significance of ecology and why delve into these matters. "I dispose of plastic in the recycling bin, avoid littering, and my car runs on electricity – am I not living eco-friendly?" Unfortunately, these actions alone are not sufficient. In countries like the United States and other global giants, even starting to separate waste is considered a victory given the consumption levels, but it is only a small part of what impacts the environment.

plastic beach ecology problem catastrophe

The key to an economical relationship with the world is understanding the problems. Let's address them one by one:

global warming ecology problem

  • Global warming is considered the most significant cause of recent climate changes, and its consequences will become increasingly noticeable in the next hundred years. Governments worldwide engage in conflicting efforts to counter harmful climate transformations. On one hand, they claim readiness to address the issue, as evidenced by international agreements such as the Kyoto Protocol; on the other hand, no real actions have been taken. Global warming is caused by the combustion of fossil fuels, leading to the release of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Unfortunately, you may not be able to personally influence this problem, except by staying informed, supporting petitions, and participating in rallies.

energy generation wind turbine

  • The same combustion of fossil fuels is also linked to another problem – energy generation. Coal, oil, and gas power plants are the main sources of electricity worldwide and contribute to the formation of most greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Here, you can make a difference – use energy wisely, choose cozy evenings with dim lighting (or even better, natural candles), and consider the use of solar panels.

water pollution ecology catastrophe australia

  • As the driest inhabited continent in the world, Australia is particularly vulnerable to water pollution. Many other major cities also face water shortages and are forced to impose restrictions on its usage. Agriculture is the leading cause of degradation and pollution of water bodies in Australia. Irrational irrigation methods and the release of fertilizers and pesticides within this industry are the main reasons for water pollution. Your small contribution can be using a collander from Ekobo with a special reservoir and spout, allowing you to water plants efficiently.

fruit box

  • While chemicals and toxic substances naturally exist in the environment, for the past 250 years, humans have actively harmed the environment by using artificial pollutants of anthropogenic origin. There are numerous sources of such detrimental impact, causing colossal damage, especially in heavy industrial and agricultural areas. The solution to this problem involves reducing demand – if you don't buy products that use such pollutants. Always check the conditions under which the products you invest your money in are made.

air pollution purifier

  • When addressing issues related to air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions are often discussed. However, there are many other forms of negative impact affecting our atmosphere. Burning fossil fuels, especially coal, generates various compounds in addition to the well-known carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide gas). Sulfur and nitrogen are also by-products of coal combustion and can cause significant ecological problems. The solution here is similar to the previous point. Such air negatively affects your health, so we recommend getting air purifiers to ensure a high level of ecology in your home.

plastic waste sustainability

  • Irresponsible waste management has led to a range of environmental problems worldwide. Modern societies have significantly increased the amount of waste constantly replenished due to the relentless pace of production and packaging processes, which, in turn, is associated with the rapid growth of the population and the need to serve it. To reduce the volume of generated waste, governments, businesses, and individuals are recommended to recycle existing used products and use recycled materials. The EKOBO brand produces tableware made from bamboo scraps left after making disposable chopsticks. Be assured that such tableware leaves no trace of its presence in the environment.

chlorofluorocarbon nature damage

  • The depletion of our ozone layer is primarily attributed to the release of chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs into the atmosphere. When CFCs reach the upper layers of the atmosphere, they force ozone molecules to break down, causing so-called ozone holes, with the largest one located over Antarctica. Meanwhile, the ozone layer is crucial as it blocks ultraviolet solar radiation, which can cause serious damage to living organisms' tissues and lead to cancer. In an effort to reduce the depletion of the ozone layer, the use of CFCs has been banned in many industries.

fish underwater

  • In many areas of the world's oceans, fish stocks are depleted. Valuable fish species experience a catastrophic decline in population. The so-called cod crisis (sharp reduction in the population of Atlantic cod due to overfishing) is an example of people's readiness to exploit the planet's natural resources to the point of their complete disappearance. Your contribution here would be to purchase a reasonable amount of fish that your family will consume without the need to discard.


  • Deforestation worldwide is happening at alarming rates, starting from the colonial era. European settlers and Muslim invaders easily destroyed forests, clearing new territories for building cities, agriculture, and pastureland. Use paper wisely, print unofficial documents on drafts, use fewer boxes for delivery, even if it extends its lifespan.
At, we occupy all the space in a box with products and use recyclable cardboard boxes.

Join our community of environmentally conscious individuals.


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