How to Launch Your E-commerce Business

How to Launch Your E-commerce Business

, by Lydia Grushevaia, 2 min reading time

For those unfamiliar with the topic, e-commerce is a broad term covering online sales. Nowadays, to sell your products, there's no need to open a physical store and invest in rent when it's better to save these funds and invest in advertising. So, if you already have a ready idea, below is an approximate scheme of how to bring it to life

  • Source Your Products:
  • Understand where you'll get your products, whether it's handmade, customized items, or ready-made products from manufacturing. With handmade items, it's straightforward; for customized goods, find a manufacturer, approve formulas (for cosmetics) or designs and size charts (for clothing), and choose batch size. For sustainable brand recognition, customize at least the packaging or labels.
E-commerce sourcing
  • Logistics:
  • Determine logistics – who will ship the products, how and where they'll be stored. Many brands source products from Eastern countries due to lower production costs and then dispatch them to locations where delivery to the customer takes no more than a week (using a distribution company, like us, or other storage options). Plan ahead for who will be handling the shipment to the customer. Remember, using 3PL services can save you significant amounts.
  • Launch a Functional Website and Social Media:
  • The most popular e-commerce platform currently is Shopify. It allows processing payments, adding products, managing inventory, servicing your website, controlling sales channels, and traffic. We assist our clients in making a worthy start!
Outsource e-commerce marketing
  • Choose Advertising Platforms:
  • Select advertising sources, determine your budget, and choose channels. Numerous services are available today, such as Google Ads, Meta Business, TikTok Advertising, and more. These platforms allow you to target your audience and specify goals – driving more visitors, increasing sales, collecting visitor contacts for future mailings, or showcasing specific products and discounts. The investment amount depends on your priorities.
  • Monitor Sales and Expand:
  • Monitor sales, check the quality of shipped products, gather customer reviews, and expand awareness channels. After some time since the website launch, analyze what's going well, what isn't, which items sell better or worse. If necessary, reorder or expand the product line.

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At every stage mentioned above, our company assists clients, guiding them toward success and helping them conduct an honest business by selling quality products in reliable partnership with us. If we've motivated you to finally live the life of your dreams, reach out to us via email at or DM us on any social media. Feel free to ask questions!


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