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Why Starting Your Business with is the Right Choice

, by Lydia Grushevaia, 3 min reading time

Our mission at is to assist every seller, whether already holding products or just inspired to sell high-quality goods. We prioritize quality and products that enhance the lives of consumers and welcome such brands into our community.

In the vast world of e-commerce, where competition is fierce and new methods of promotion, platforms, and applications emerge continuously, it can be challenging for newcomers to navigate the intricacies of starting a business. From setting up platforms like Shopify to dealing with bureaucratic tasks such as obtaining an EIN and, in some cases, product licenses, establishing brand identity, and meticulously addressing logistical issues like storage, shipping, and customer acquisition, beginners face a steep learning curve.

While established marketplaces may seem like the logical choice for selling new products, the reality is more complex:

  • High shipping and storage costs
  • Unfair return policies for sellers
  • Limited control over the accuracy of order fulfillment by large corporations
  • Time lag for products to appear on the first page of search results
  • Marketing and visibility rely heavily on the seller
  • Intense competition

In summary, the main drawback is the lack of an individualized approach. distinguishes itself by offering favorable conditions and a considerate approach to each consumer, providing services that save time, money, and stress.


Manufacturing Launch skincare cosmetic brand

Many e-commerce beginners struggle with product manufacturing or finding reliable suppliers who can deliver products on time, meeting specified criteria. We proudly consider ourselves experts in these areas, having assisted numerous consumers in starting from scratch. You can request case studies by contacting us through the provided email in the Contact Page or profile footer.


3PL services warehouse shipping kitting

Our primary resource is a 100,000 sq.ft facility where our 3PL services meticulously handle product reception, database entry, sorting, and storage in compliance with all relevant regulations.


outsource marketing and sales management, brand identity

For e-commerce newbies, assistance with creating a business model, sales and marketing strategies is often crucial. Our team of seasoned professionals addresses all your needs, leveraging years of experience and resources to help you establish a strong brand with minimal expenses, including visual elements (logo, website, packaging) and market visibility. Sales are a critical aspect of your business, and our professionals can assist in controlling and boosting your sales while you focus on development, product line expansion, and team management.

packaging design handling 3pl shipping

Packaging is the face of your store, capable of leaving a lasting impression or damaging your reputation. We carefully assemble and package each product to preserve its original condition.

shipping warehouse 3pl services

Timely product shipment is a commitment we uphold, with orders typically dispatched the same day if received before 5 PM. We guarantee all timelines agreed upon in our contract.

marketplace e-commerce platform

Concerning platform placement, your products will be on our platform within a week of contract signing. As we are in the growth stage, the likelihood of minimal competition is high, making early collaboration more advantageous.

e-commerce partners wanted

Currently, we actively seek partners in e-commerce, catering to beginners launching their businesses, mid-tier sellers seeking further growth, and established brands exploring additional sales channels.

Our mission at is to assist every seller, whether already holding products or just inspired to sell high-quality goods. We prioritize quality and products that enhance the lives of consumers and welcome such brands into our community.


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