Benefits Are Obvious

Join live sessions hosted by your favorite personalities, showcasing top-tier brands in real-time. Engage, inquire, and make instant purchases while experiencing the thrill of interactive shopping. It's not just about buying products; it's about being part of a live shopping event. Discover exclusives, get instant insights, and enjoy an unparalleled shopping spree, all in one place. Dive in now and be part of the live shopping revolution, only on Buying.Live.

  • Platform Links

    Platform Links

    Each session provides a direct link to the platform where the host is selling, be it c This ensures you’re always in the right place at the right time.  We collaborate with other platforms to be able to ship and manage orders so receiving your purchases are seamless.  If you need to return anything we offer the simplest return policies because we want you to love every purchase. 

  • Shipping — Track & Receive

    Shipping — Track & Receive

    Post-purchase, monitor your order's status. We offer quick shipping with tracking to ensure you receive your product effortlessly.  We operate a full service distribution center and ship directly to you the same day you order products.  Our goal is to get you the products you purchase as fast as we possibly can. 

  • Review, Share, and earn Rewards

    Review, Share, and earn Rewards

    After enjoying your product, drop a review and let others know about your Buying.Live experience. Share the buzz with friends and family, and let them in on the live shopping fun.  Each time you share you will earn additional rewards that an be redeemed on the platform for additional purchases and discounts.  We aim to offer the best reward system on the market… start earning Buy rewards now.  

With Buying.Live, you're not just shopping—you're part of a live, interactive event. Join today and enjoy the best of live selling across multiple platforms, all brought together seamlessly for your convenience.


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